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How much is shipping fee?

We offer free shipping for all orders above $99 completed.

Which payment methods are accepted in the online shop?

At the moment our available payment options are Zelle, Google Pay and Bitcoin(with a 15% discount on all orders completed through Bitcoin).

But feel free to contact us if you hav any order payment method available.  Our payment methods and details are constantly updated for futher security measures.

How long will delivery take?

The delivery of your order at your preffered FFL address should take a maximum of 7 days.

How secure is shopping in the online shop? Is my data protected?

Your personal data will be used to enhence your experience and ensure you get the full top quality experience and nothing more. Our payment methods are safe  and thrust worthy and are constantly updated for maximum security.

What exactly happens after ordering?

After your order has been completed and submited, it is registered in our database and an email will be sent to you after a few minutes containing our payment information at the moment, which you would use to complete your order.


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